NEW: Post-Systematic Theology I. Ways of Thinking – A Theological Philosophy

Brill – W. Fink (Leiden – Paderborn) 2020

Theology is an explication, im-plication, and com-plication of the Christian perception of truth and value. The occurrence of this perception takes place in following the story of the Gospel, which remains open and organic, unable to be closed. Every formation of a closed system has to be exceeded on the way to a post-systematic theology. 
The first part of this work deals with redefining basic concepts from a phenomenological perspective and from within a narrative ontology. Key terms such as relation, way-formational line, event, time, space, sign, metaphor, concept, name, model, theory, coherence, causality, contingence, subject, and truth, are explored and reworked. The main portion of the work delves into the threefold self-presentation of God in the perception of truth and value as displayed in the Gospel. The work concludes by taking up the consequences of the relationship between faith and religion, historicity and Holy Scripture, the concept of rationality, as well as the inter-disciplinary and academic study of theology.